Create authorization header for Cosmos DB with Go

I started a side project to create a client package for Cosmos DB SQL API with Go so I can try Go in a real project. My plan is to implement something similar to .NET Core SDK with Go. As this is a project for learning and practice, I will do it little by little, and there is no timeline regarding when it can be done.

I build the project based on SQL API via REST. To access resources in Cosmos DB with SQL API via REST, an authorization header is required for the requests. The value of the authorization header has the following format, as it is mentioned in this document.


In the above string, the values of type and version are simple: type is either master or resource, while the current version is 1.0. The value of signature is a bit complex. It is a hash of several other values by using the access key of Cosmos DB as the hash key. The document has all details in it and even better it has a sample written in C#.

So following the document and the sample, I implemented a Go equivalence as follows. It is a good example to try the base64 encoding and HMAC hash in Go.

The date format in the signature is required to be in HTTP-date format defined by RFC7231. However, the time package in the Go standard library doesn’t seem to support this format out of the box, but it provides a very easy way to create custom format. The utcNow() function in the above code is what I implemented to format the time to RFC7231 format.